join our church

Anyone is welcome to attend our church. There are zero requirements to simply attend a service—and hopefully enjoy it too! Joining the church through membership is something that we encourage our regular attenders to prayerfully consider. Simply put, membership is a way to clarify expectations and commitments.


Membership has positive benefits for both the individual and the church. Prospective members will gain a greater understanding of the vision and direction of the church, how they can be involved, and what is expected from them. Secondly, studies have shown a correlation between membership and church health.

We want to be a very healthy church. 


To become a member, you can join by following these easy steps:


  1. Attend a New Membership Class

  2. Fill out an online application (paper application is available at Guest Central)

  3. Meet with the campus pastor or onsite elder

  4. Sign a membership covenant