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Alpha - How can I help?

There are some great ways to get involved.

As we launch another round of Alpha, one question emerges. “What can I do?”

Let me offer you a few suggestions for ways to get involved with Alpha.


First off, please do pray for our Alpha groups. Pray that God would use this strategy to draw people to himself. Pray that real relationships would be formed as people share together. Pray for the hosts and helpers that they are able to connect with the guests and create a safe environment for people who are sincerely exploring faith. Commit to praying for the ongoing success of Alpha in our community.


Another way to be involved is to attend. Whether you’ve done Alpha before, or the whole concept is new to you, why not consider participating in the group? Your presence could be an encouragement to others. Your voice in the conversations could help people consider Jesus for the very first time. Your direct involvement could be a blessing in many ways. Plus, you’ll get eleven weeks of free meals and meet some really great people along the way.


Another way that you can help with Alpha is through promotion. There are physical tools and digital tools that you can use to share with others. At church, you can pick up the Alpha invites. If you visit our social pages, you can like and share the posts with your friends. As a church, we’ve invested resources in promoting Alpha because we believe that reaching people far from God is a part of why we exist. People in the community have received direct mailers and many have been exposed to our Alpha events through online ads and promotions. That being said, there is nothing more effective than a personal invitation. You have tremendous influence. Your invite might be the tool that God uses to bring someone to Alpha and, Lord willing, to saving faith in Christ. Isn’t that incredible? You can help by personally sharing Alpha with others.


Being involved in a group is a fast track to spiritual growth. We would love it if everyone from our church had the benefit of a close-knit community. Yet, it’s very challenging to create enough groups and environments like that for all of our people to connect at that high-level. Maybe you could help? What if you grabbed a few of your friends and leveraged Alpha to create a group experience?

"It’s all done for you. All you’d have to do is grab a couple friends and show up. Talk about easy."

Think about it, it’s like starting a group with training wheels. Someone else has done all the prep work for you. The talks are top-notch, the training is easy and beneficial, someone else is preparing food, someone else is footing the bill, you don’t even have to figure out a meeting space, it’s all done for you. All you’d have to do is grab a couple friends and show up. Talk about easy.

As you can see, there are some really great ways to get involved. Please pray about what you can to do to help with Alpha. To learn more about our upcoming Alpha experience, click here. You can help us with food prep by registering here (it's totally free!). If you have more questions or would like to discuss this further, you can reach out to Mike Wilkerson. mikewilkerson@centralwired.com

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