Volunteering is a great next step in your spiritual growth. It will give you the chance to meet new people, utilize your spiritual gifts, and bless our church community. To volunteer, please fill out this form. After filling out the form, you’ll be contacted by a volunteer coordinator who will help to get you plugged in and serving.

Guest Services


We want every visitor to have a great first-experience at church that makes them want to return again. If you love making people feel welcome, this is your team. Michael Carlson is our team lead for the guest services ministry.


Tech Team


Do you love technology? We are looking to develop a team of people that can run sound, operate our technology, and make the environment exceptional for our worship services.


Worship Team


We have a great team of people that can sing and make music. Want to be a part of it? Eli Williams is the leader of this team.


Prayer Team


We have a team of people that are ready to pray each week. Are you passionate about praying with people? This might be your team.




Every week there are dozens of ministry partners needed to serve our children. Are you interested in helping? Tonya White is heading up this team.




We have a team of people who ensure the safety of our children and guests each week. Ryan Jordan leads this effort.


Portable Church Team


Each week we set up and tear down church. It is an incredible process. If you’d like to be a part of this team, we would love to train you.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment


We offer an online spiritual gifts assessment to help individuals discover their gift-mix, personality type, and passions. The cost is $10 and you will have access to a multi-page report. After completion, our volunteer coordinator will follow up with you to discuss how to put your gifts to work.